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Living Our Vows Everyday

Marriage is God’s representation of his relationship to us. It is a blessing that we are able to enjoy as the connection of our love centered around the true love of Christ in our lives. However, it does not come without its trials as most  marriages experience the challenges of this world in which everything seems to be directed to shift us away from God’s purpose in our lives.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Marriage relationships are designed so that they can be strong and rewarding, in order to grow together, through every season of life. However it takes work  and commitment with God as the center and the foundation where we build it from. As we know, life changes, and people also change. How do we continue to renew our marriage  like it was the first day of the wedding bells ringing? 

Wedding Rings

With our ministry of Couples in L.O.V.E. we want to come alongside you in your relationship to polish and strengthen the tools you have in your life, so that you can intentionally  love and dedicate to your marriage and your spouse, always centered around the Word of Christ. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the relationship, if you have just been engaged, newlyweds  or you have been together for many years, if you want to receive and share additional tools that can help tune up your marriage for an enjoyable, healthy  relationship that lasts, your Marriage is worth the time!! 


As Couples come together in L.iving O.ur V.ows E.veryday, we can renew the promise that we did to one another to love our spouse and dedicate to them, every day like the first, and even more as we connect in groups. pray together and enjoy time of fellowship. Most couples find encouragement when they can share and listen to experiences of others  that may be challenged like they have, but  have been able to succeed when facing obstacles that can affect their marriage . The beauty is when we can share the immense grace of God in our lives as we commit to nurture the relationship of love for each other, as walk the path to become Christlike disciples in the most important relationship of your life: marriage.

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